Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tales from Steam Chat: Volume Three

In today's episode we see what happens when I talk politics. It's funny because SEA BEAR! is Canadian. LOL.

Shadgrimgrvy: How will you do the transition from night to day though>
DashRush: THE SEA BEAR!: I have two options. The first one involves a 3d skybox, that has a hemisphere with an animated texture, and a light dynamic , that changes colors, or use screenoverlays
Shadgrimgrvy: Both sound really good.
DashRush: THE SEA BEAR!: Yeah. IT's going to be hard though.
DashRush: THE SEA BEAR!: It's*
Shadgrimgrvy: Well, I'm planting a cubemap garden right now.
DashRush: THE SEA BEAR!: Sounds cool. Will they grow into cubemap trees
Shadgrimgrvy: Yes sir, and I''ll be able to sell all the cubemap fruit by next county fair.
DashRush: THE SEA BEAR!: Sounds tasty. I'd like to consume the fruits of your labour
Shadgrimgrvy: Well you can't! WE LIVE IN A LASSIEZ FAIRE SOCIETY!
DashRush: THE SEA BEAR!: Boo!
Shadgrimgrvy: How 'bout you go read some Ayn Rand like a man and then come talk to me about my cubemaps!
DashRush: THE SEA BEAR!: Well I never!
Shadgrimgrvy: Well you did!
DashRush: THE SEA BEAR!: Oh no you deedn't
Shadgrimgrvy: Yeah! I DID! Ya mayple syrup guzzling socialist.
DashRush: THE SEA BEAR!: :(
Shadgrimgrvy: I'm so sorry.
Shadgrimgrvy: I just get so worked up about socio-economics, y'know?
DashRush: THE SEA BEAR!: xD I don't care. You can say what ya want xD
Shadgrimgrvy: Well, in that case; I'll burn your house down.
DashRush: THE SEA BEAR!: We'll come in and burn your whitehouse again
Shadgrimgrvy: Bet you couldn't without your indian friends help!
DashRush: THE SEA BEAR!: Wanna bet Mr Uncle Sam
Shadgrimgrvy: As a matter of fact, I do! What are yooou gonna do about it you beaver.


shelley said...

your so mean

Yadda said...

How appealing, I wish my steam conversations were as sophisticated as this :\

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