Thursday, December 31, 2009


It's finally finished! After over half a year of work my magnum opus of mapping is finally done.
Go get it!

But what does the future hold next? Without the responsibility of a map to make will I wither away with out relevance? Will I finally be able to just enjoy my vacation without having to do work? The future is now and all I want to do is play S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

Seriously guys (assuming theres more than one of you) go download Paranoia, you won't regret it.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Shadgrimgrvy: SNUGGIE.
Fereles: Picture frames.
Shadgrimgrvy: Mental Hospital.
Fereles: Mad cow disease.
Shadgrimgrvy: Geneva Convention.
Fereles: Campbells chicken noodle soup.
Shadgrimgrvy: Bruce Campbell.
Fereles: Litter.
Shadgrimgrvy: Broomstick Handle Mauser C96.
Fereles: BAR rifle.
Shadgrimgrvy: Pretzels.
Fereles: Napkins.
Shadgrimgrvy: Plastic Forks.
Fereles: Airsoft rifle.
Fereles is now playing Garry's Mod. Click here to join.
Shadgrimgrvy: Springfield Rifle.
Fereles: Chest of rocks.
Shadgrimgrvy: Crabs.
Fereles: Punk.
Shadgrimgrvy: Fascist.
Fereles: Leadership.
Shadgrimgrvy: Victory.
Fereles: Defeat.
Shadgrimgrvy: Ayn Rand.
Fereles: Soda.
Shadgrimgrvy: Crossbows.
Fereles: Bacon.
Shadgrimgrvy: Surrender.
Fereles: Peelz.
Shadgrimgrvy: Nannerpuss.
Fereles: Topography.
Shadgrimgrvy: Unidentified Flying Objects.
Fereles: Poloroid cameras.
Shadgrimgrvy: Sylar.
Fereles: Pickles.
Shadgrimgrvy: Pencil Sharpeners.
Fereles: Jars.
Shadgrimgrvy: JARATE!
Fereles: Debates.
Shadgrimgrvy: Saxton Hale.
Fereles: Commentary
Shadgrimgrvy: I admit victory.
Fereles: Nardwuar.
Shadgrimgrvy: I'm sleepy and sad.
Fereles: cashews.
Shadgrimgrvy: Peanuts.
Fereles: Eyeballs.
Shadgrimgrvy: Bodily Fluids.
Fereles: Pupil
Shadgrimgrvy: Yellow.
Fereles: Adrenaline rush
Shadgrimgrvy: Coffee Mugs.
Fereles: Zorbees
Shadgrimgrvy: Awesome Auger.
Fereles: Samsung.
Shadgrimgrvy: Warner Music Group.
Fereles: Wrapper.
Shadgrimgrvy: Electric Light Orchestra.
Fereles: Surge Protector.
Shadgrimgrvy: DEVO.
Fereles: Plates.
Shadgrimgrvy: Centipeds.
Fereles: Keyboard
Shadgrimgrvy: Bath Salts.
Fereles: Caramel.
Shadgrimgrvy: Swords.
Fereles: Popcorn popper
Shadgrimgrvy: Magic Salt and Pepper Shakers.
Fereles: Unconquerable
Shadgrimgrvy: STALKERs.
Fereles: Dehumidifier
Shadgrimgrvy: Kritzkriegs.
Fereles: Blitzkrieg
Your chat with Fereles is now a multi-user chat.
Fereles has been invited to chat.
UH STRAYNJER has been invited to chat.
UH STRAYNJER entered chat.
Shadgrimgrvy: Panzerfausts.
Fereles: Zeppelin
Shadgrimgrvy: HA!
Shadgrimgrvy: YOU LOSE!
Fereles disconnected.
UH STRAYNJER left chat.
Shadgrimgrvy: HAHAHAHAH

Sunday, December 13, 2009


I haven't updated in so long I don't know where to start. First of all, today I had a vision; a vision of something wonderful, something that would change the way people think about the world forever. What I speak of, of course, is this dandy I made today.

It makes sense really. The fast zombie and Scout are very similar, no? They both run and jump around alot, both were made by Valve, and I can only assume both are from the New York area.

I've uploaded a few other videas to the Youtube as well. Nothing major, in fact they seem so inconsequential compared to my earlier (if of lower quality) videos that I feel like I'm cheating myself and my viewers. This first came to my attention when a subscriber pointed out what they noticed as a decline in quality. While I don't agree with them completely I will say that I feel like it's high time a new Garry'd Mod video be made. A real one this time, no less than oh...five minutes and featuring heavily in Mr. Barrel.

As for Paranoia, my custom map project. It's going very well despite the minor upsets along the way. Not only that, but I think it's reaching a critical apex. Yes, I think it might finally be coming to a close. Eventually.