Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tales from Steam Chat: Volume One

Last week, or maybe later, I posted a little excerpt from a conversation I had with my friends on the Software Distribution System/Social Networking...Thingy Steam. As you who were involved would know, I have conversations like this all the time. As in, every conversation. Some might say this is a problem that's quickly drifting into my social like off the Internet as well. For better or for worse, this is a quick peek into the dark cynical world of my social circle. It would be better to imagine it as a film noir sort of affair as we take a look into Tales from Steam Chat: Volume One.

[Team Demo] Ou812: im fat enough
Shadgrimgrvy: I disagree. As your attourney I advise you to eat everything in the crate marked "Hamburgers" that I sent to your office. Your dirty dilapitated office.
[Team Demo] Ou812: oh you sent that
Shadgrimgrvy: Yeah.
[Team Demo] Ou812: hmm , well this is ...well this is bad
[Team Demo] Ou812: you see i felt i had no need for hamburger
[Team Demo] Ou812: so i sent it to you as a gift , not knowing you sent of course
[Team Demo] Ou812: except in the crate marked "babies"
Shadgrimgrvy: I wouldn't eat them. I can smell the difference.
[Team Demo] Ou812: well it was a gag i didnt know you woul....Erhm
[Team Demo] Ou812: well this again is very embarrasing
Shadgrimgrvy: What isn't embarrassing with you involved!?
Shadgrimgrvy: As your attorney I advise you to listen to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iH33RIfi2KI
[Team Demo] Ou812: ok
Shadgrimgrvy: I also advise you to skip to 1:30.
[Team Demo] Ou812: this is the stupdest thing
Shadgrimgrvy: You don't even know.
[Team Demo] Ou812: true music
[Team Demo] Ou812: from Iceland
[Team Demo] Ou812: http://music.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=music.artistalbums&artistid=1845473&ap=0&albumid=5290
Shadgrimgrvy: You know what else comes from Iceland? Bjork; your argument is invalid.
[Team Demo] Ou812: but these guys
[Team Demo] Ou812: made up thier own language
Shadgrimgrvy: Sounds like more of your hippie garbage.
[Team Demo] Ou812: and use vocals as an instrument
Shadgrimgrvy: That tears it, it's hippie stuph.
Shadgrimgrvy: Man, Art of Noise was BIG in the 80's.
[Team Demo] Ou812: yeah WHEN THE HIPPIES DIED
Shadgrimgrvy: For the good of the whole world too!
[Team Demo] Ou812: now they are back
[Team Demo] Ou812: a musical renaiscance is among us!
Shadgrimgrvy: http://www.cracked.com/funny-2081-hippies/ KNOW ABOUT IT.
[Team Demo] Ou812: hey the music festivals wedge is missing
[Team Demo] Ou812: you think that they would fix that before posting it
Shadgrimgrvy: Hang on, I'll find it.
Shadgrimgrvy: http://www.cracked.com/article/116_5-facts-about-woodstock-hippies-dont-want-you-to-know/ KNOW ABOUT IT.
[Team Demo] Ou812: i love hippies
Shadgrimgrvy: You are a hippocrite and you are a demoman and you smell because YOU. DON'T. BATHE.
[Team Demo] Ou812: why would i ?
[Team Demo] Ou812: my bodies oils are perfectly suffiecient as a cologne and dedoderant and shampoo
Shadgrimgrvy: Your oils only serve in the plot to corrupt MY glands.
Shadgrimgrvy: Which is disgusting.
[Team Demo] Ou812: i dissagree
[Team Demo] Ou812 is now Offline.

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