Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tales from Steam Chat: Volume Two

In today's episode we see what happens when I'm allowed to postulate what the future holds for Humanity's evolution.

EcoVentura: Scout is spy!
EcoVentura: NO
EcoVentura: I'm a force of nature
Shadgrimgrvy: What was that?
EcoVentura: AAHHHHH
Shadgrimgrvy: IS NOT POSSIBLE!
EcoVentura: hehehehehe
Shadgrimgrvy: So, I've been thinking about them things.
Shadgrimgrvy: I've been thinking about whats wrong with all civilization: the need for resources.
EcoVentura: I've been thinking about bioshock 2
Shadgrimgrvy: Bioshock aye? When's that coming out?
EcoVentura: feb 9th
Shadgrimgrvy: The original Bioshock still doesn't work on any of the three computers I've tried it on.
EcoVentura: ;(
Shadgrimgrvy: But anyway, if I could find a way to modify my, and other's, bodies in such a way as to render us totally independent society as it is today would become obsolete.
Shadgrimgrvy: Without the need to buy food or other commodeties we would have no need for money and no need for petty "jobs".
EcoVentura: If I could find a way to instantly convert all the oxygen in our air to potatos. The same would happen.
Shadgrimgrvy: Exactly!
EcoVentura: Lets get working on it
Shadgrimgrvy: What I need to do is get a bunch of Human brains and put them in plants to create a master race.
EcoVentura: OR
EcoVentura: We could put Dolphin brains in Dogs thus allowing us to get more entertainment and not give them the fish
Shadgrimgrvy: I'd much rather not involve myself or my master race with dolphins. THANKS.
EcoVentura: HEY
EcoVentura: HEY
EcoVentura: Go to hell man
EcoVentura: Dolphins are the future
Shadgrimgrvy: Yeah whatever! How 'bout you cry about it to your ammoral sqweeking hedonist friends from the sea!
EcoVentura: Hey, they're the key to knowing when our world is going to crumble
EcoVentura: And they won't tell you when because you don't deserve to live!
Shadgrimgrvy: Pffft, I already know when: 42 years from now. Even next year it'll be 42 years from now.
EcoVentura: You'll be 42 years from 50 years ago.
EcoVentura: So you're behind
EcoVentura: How does that make you feel?
Shadgrimgrvy: It makes me feel retro which feels good man.
EcoVentura: No, you feel ollldddd
EcoVentura: And gaaayyyy
Shadgrimgrvy: ur ghey
Shadgrimgrvy: You'll be sorry; after me and my plant-people brethren overthrow the bondage of your society we will create an objectivist utopia, UNDER THE SEA.


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shelley said...

I really worry about you sometimes. you might spend too much time thinking about brains and dolphins and planting brains. yeah.

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