Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Story Behind Protone

Protone is acutally the name of a map I made a long time ago. Back then I knew nothing of cubemaps, HDR, or any of that fancy stuff. It was just another map no one downloads. You know the kind.

Anyway, back then the name stood for Prototype-One. I shortened it to Protone because it sounds sorta cool. Alas, that would mean any sequal would logically be called Prototwo which in turn sounds ridiculous. This means we are now at Protone_01 which might afford you some odd glances if you said it out loud anywhere except one of those vulgar techno raves.

There's a lot of things that'll set this remake apart from the original. Yes, a much greater understanding of Hammer and proper construct aesthetics are foremost but remember the original Protone was made before Team Fortress 2 came out.

This really has no practical implications towards this project but it certainly lends itself to assimilation into the creative process.

The original Protone had very little to do. Imagine a big square blotch of grass with boxy buildings at every corner surrounded by a bland looking wall and you've got a basic idea of the original. As I have already said, Protone_01 will have a tonne of various clickables and pressables and a huge pit that the player can fall down. This is very important.

Until next time, I'll be shooting flaming arrows into a crowded used car lot.

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