Saturday, January 16, 2010


How long has it been? Seventeen days? Already? That's right, seventeen days since Paranoia was uploaded to Put simply, I am flabbergasted at how popular it has become. As we speak it has been downloaded 1443 times (even more after this post was published LOL) and it has rocketed to the front page of the maps section on the website. That practically means that Garry himself considers Paranoia more important than 2739 other maps (citation needed). I really don't know what to make of this. How long can my humble little piece of work sustain this? Will it stay this popular forever?

Either way, this post is not about Paranoia. No.

Remember when I said after it was finished that I finally had time to enjoy life again without some big obligation looming over me? Of course you don't because no one reads this blog. But incase you did I would like you to meet Protone. Sorry, no pictures or videos to show you yet. But I am making a new map. This time around it'll probably be nowhere near as big an undertaking as Paranoia because it will be a construct, as in, for Garry's Mod Sandbox.

You see, I have a problem with most of the constructs people upload: They're ugly. They're boring. The people who make them would have a heart attack. A HEART ATTACK. if you dared even think about REUPLOADING their masterpieces.

Pfffft, as if that means anything.

Protone will be different. There will be prop_statics as far as the eye can see and a disco palace and a huge pit that the player can fall in.

Anywho, more on this later. Right now I'm just trying to get a basic skeleton of it laid out.

Paranoia, LOL.

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