Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy Paranoia Day!

Paranoia was finished one year ago today! Bats for everyone! I could sit here and tell you what a great achievement its I will!

On PlanetPhilip it's been downloaded 11 times.

On FBSBanana it's been downloaded 150 times.

On it has been downloaded 13122 times...

And from the in-game Toybox on Garry's Mod it has been downloaded on 56,296 separate occasions.

So I feel totally justified in turning December 30th into yet another surreal holiday. But of course you're not here to hear about that old map. No, you wonder where Insomnia is. I assure you that despite the lack of videos or any evidence of it's continued existence I am working diligently to make it the single greatest map ever released on the Source engine.

And I do have pictures!

Here we see the Lens, if OSHA ever saw this thing they would have a conniption. Thankfully they don't exist in the same calabi-yau manifold as the Paranoia Universe.

Fabulous energy generators! This particular model harnesses zero-point energy from a vacuum chamber inside it. Because of this, entropy in the Paranoia Zone is slowly decreasing.

One of many deluxe prism-based transporters that are used to move through sentient non-euclidean space.

Fun fact: Real Estate is the single most dangerous and important job in the Paranoia Dimension.

Trains are another popular, if very dangerous, mode of transportation.

While mansions and white rooms with black curtains are abundant in Paranoia-Land many citizens prefer humble apartments as they're easier to flee from in case Tarkus attacks.

The Combine have a significant presence in both Paranoia and Insomnia. But not even they truly understand their purpose for being there.

Parking garages are strange, nigh-mystical places in Real Space; they're are even more so in Insomnia.

Finally, a visit to a familiar place.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


I really need to work on updating this faster, two weeks without any god-awful sci-fi. Oh well, they're not as great as I remember anyway (not that that will stop me from uploading it later).

Insomnia is starting to look good, better than Paranoia I would dare say. I'm working on the first really big fight scene today, as we speak. Alas, there's no video for it yet but oh-ho! there will be.

But that's not all, there's been something I've been meaning to mention here for a very long time but has been pushed aside in favor of maps, aliens and even polish movie posters. What I speak of, of course it the Dalek Objectivist Empire.

You see, a couple months ago I was the administrator of a steam group called the Happy Chair Clan, but it was owned by Ou812, someone who as I pointed out earlier is a terrible terrible person. As I am myself an Objectivist, I couldn't just sit there and not be the owner and total authority of the group, especially not after I put so much effort in keeping it alive. I posted what I estimate to be 99.8% of all announcements and group events, as well as invited most of it's members while Ou812 sat on his hands and didn't do a single iota of work to ensure it's survival.

Then, in a fit of what some would call "faggotry", he demoted me from being administrator to a lowly member. This would not do. Me and the other admins as well as the majority of the members formed our own group, one that has prospered; in the short time that it has existed this group has gained more members then the Happy Chair Clan ever did.

So head on over to the Dalek Objectivist Empire, where the scientist is not bound by petty morality where the Dalek does not fear the Doctor, where the great are not constrained by the small. I built it from the ground up, and with the sweat of your brow, D.O.E. can become your group too.

(It helps if you watch Doctor Who.)