Sunday, July 18, 2010


Ho boy. I saw Inception two days ago (and just now getting around to telling you about it). Jeez, I don't know how to explain this.


When I first saw the trailer I was like:

And when it came out I was like:

And when I was watching it I was like:

And then when it was over I was all:

I desperately think you should all watch it, it's like The Matrix but Art Deco. Ask my Nana, she'll agree. Everything about it was wonderful, which is surprising because anyone who knows me (Ou812) will know I usually have violently hateful reactions to movies. But no, I love this movie. All the characters were great, there were no annoying comic relief. The action sequences were wonderful and it all just looked so sleek and sophisticated.

But therein lies the problem.

Without revealing anything I would like to say that if you absolutely had to be a nitpicker (Me) then the one problem this movie has is that it is not weird enough. The whole point is that these people go into other's dreams. Now, if you were in someone's subconscious I think it would be a bit stranger than just a city folding up like a pancake (which was awesome either way). In fact, the movie should have looked more like a Salvador Dali painting.

Despite this, I loved every second of it and am now considering all other movies obsolete. So M. Night Shammyloin, you can just go away.


chanayners said...

Aye, but would you buy it on dvd? :D

Shadgrimgrvy said...


chanayners said...

^^ aboslutly shameful.

Mom said...

I, also loved the movie and surprisingly agree with you that the dreams should have been more bizarre. although, when the people were walking around and bumping into the girl and slowly turning violent kinda scared me.

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