Tuesday, August 10, 2010


If you know me you'd know that sometimes I am overwhelmed with such feelings of sadness and desolation that I feel like my organs will give up in the face of the Kafkaesque tragedy laid out before them. What I am talking about is of course the end of summer vacation.

This could very well be my LAST summer vacation and as I am writing this the last few hours are drifting away like dust in the wind.

Honestly guys, I feel like I'm dying.

But then again, who knows. Maybe a small piece of me will survive the heat-death of the one thing still keeping me free and sane, a small, twisted piece; fueled by rage and a hatred for all impure life forms. This piece will go on to create an army and take over the universe. Oh, no. We've all seen that before.

The map isn't helping my abyssal tragedy either. Insomnia is taking three hours to compile. Three. HOURS. So what I've decided to do is make the second half into it's very own map: Hypnophobia. It's catchy, no?


chanayners said...

what about clausterphobia booboo?

mommy said...

ahhh im sorry ty ty. this IS your last summer. no more hanging out on the computer all day and all night long anymore. It will be time for you to buckle down and get a full time job and be like the rest of us working fools.
well, it was good while it lasted, no?

chanayners said...

oh hey! it iss his last summer, its okay bro,i promise to get you an exotic fruit bat, but it has to be named STAR SCREAMMM! :D

mom said...

and im feeling his pain. ive been there done that. I feel the pain Ty Ty

Jackie said...

Sounds like you need some hints, nodraws and areaportals. I'm sure you've got it, can't wait. :D

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