Tuesday, July 6, 2010


That's right everybody, the blog is a year old. Slowly but surely, I'm etching out my own little corner of the Internet, an ignorant, surreal corner. This blog has seen the rise and fall of a few maps but, to my frustration, not much else but we'll have plenty of time to fix that.
I didn't actually expect myself to follow through with this thing for this long. I expected to rant about some things then just forget about it after a month or so, but no, it's endured, like an insect that has been sprayed with Raid made of a secret cocktail of obsessive compulsion and misguided dreams of fame but refuses to die.

Anyhow, I would like to thank my readers of course. As far as I know, there arn't many of you but that's fine with me. There is Idontknow fer shur but also Cb and MOTHER and Jackie who I don't think I know but you're darling anyway, you're all darling!

Let's hope there's another year in store for this, because I'm not willing to go outside, not when there's still bats out there.


MOTHER said...

let me be the first to wish you a happy anniversary. I, also, didnt think this blog would last long. I thought you would come on once in awhile to rant and rave about things that upset your delicate feelings then it would vanish. But alas!! its still here!

Jackie said...
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Jackie said...

Can't wait for Insomnia. Paranoia has already happened.

CBEH said...

cheers for shad! *raises lemonade* happy anniversary you crazy, frustrated,puberty voice, creepy boy yoooou C:< im proud you kept this up, unlike your many other FAILED projects.. mmhmm i havnt forgotten..
pssst~ learning to use the toliet like a big boy.. maybe one day :c
*sips lemonade*

mother said...

ohhhh burnnnnn

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