Monday, May 31, 2010

Freaking Unbelieveable

Yesterday I got a virus on my computer. Don't worry it's gone now. Apparently it's a pretty new one too, it called itself "Antivirus Soft". It was one of those things that masquerades itself as an honest antivirus program but really it just wanted my social security number and credit cards. Well that's fine because I can't be bothered to remember my social security number and I use my credit cards as ninja stars. But yeah, allegedly this awful thing only came out this April.

Well, just in case the same terrible thing happens to you good readers out there here's the page with the instructions I used to get rid of it: this.

Also, I don't trust the creepypasta website anymore. I think it tried to harm me with this.

Also also, I've gotten a cold so now my head hurts. This would be bad enough already but I just got over being sick last week. Now it's not even a question if someone is trying to kill me but when they're going to come right out and start shooting at me.

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