Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tales from Steam Chat: Volume Four

In today's episode we see why I never get to learn about higher mathematics.

Shadgrimgrvy: I need you to explain to me how movement in 4-dimensional space would work. And don't tell me the fourth dimension is time because I'll cry if you do.
=(e)=™ IDontKnow: UMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMMMGMmM.
=(e)=™ IDontKnow: Only if you tell me what pullarian means.
Shadgrimgrvy: Sounds like a kind of boat to me.
Shadgrimgrvy: An adjective meaning about or pretaining to fowl or chicken.
=(e)=™ IDontKnow: Hmm...
=(e)=™ IDontKnow: What about zygostatical?
Shadgrimgrvy: Nope, nothing. It sounds foul anyway.
=(e)=™ IDontKnow: How would you even use krioboly in a sentance?
Shadgrimgrvy: "Hans, don't be late tomorrow; we'll be having a krioboly after brunch."
=(e)=™ IDontKnow: You're such a foppotee.
Shadgrimgrvy: At least I'm not maleolent.
=(e)=™ IDontKnow: You sound malevolent.
Shadgrimgrvy: I think they have mochlic for that.
=(e)=™ IDontKnow: I'm going to make a buccellation out of you.
Shadgrimgrvy: It is noscible that I am quite pocilliform and your plegnic task would be very difficult.

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