Thursday, July 11, 2013

Menaced Assassin

Ordinarily I try to avoid advertisements, going so far as to get AdBlock on my browser. But these simply cannot be ignored. I haven't bothered to check when these were created, but they're Volkswagen ads emphasizing the low fuel consumption of their car. Now there's plenty of ways to tell your audience how efficient your car is, most of them obnoxious. But thankfully whatever agency designed these decided to forgo the smarmy voice overs and wide shots of boring sedans and decided to make surrealist posters showing off this model's fuel efficiency. Doing so in probably the most roundabout and abstract way possible.

Imitating the styles of Salvador Dali and René Magritte no less.

I like how you don't even get to see what the car looks like, only a silhouette that suggests it. I wish more advertisements were this creative, especially car ads which seem to be exactly the same no matter what. They actually do a good job of imitating Dali and Magritte's styles too. The soft amorphous muscle texture and ants in the first, the repetitive clouds and blue sky in the second are all pretty easy to recognize.


mom said...

I agree. I think most ads scream at you and throw their products in our face. I believe this kind of ad campaign makes you stop and look and actually try to figure out what they are selling. In turn, you spend more time paying attention to their product then quickly trying to change the station when someone screams its only 9.99 9.99 9.99!!!!!!

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