Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Swing Of Things

Well I'm back. Oregon was beautiful; lush forests, the ocean a short walk away, fresh air and far away from the noise of traffic and neighbors. It was so peaceful and serene there, most of my time was spent hiking, watching the ocean or deer in the trees.

We we're staying in Cape Blanco, several miles away from any towns or anything resembling shopping. But there was the historic lighthouse and Hughes House just a short walk away, which were both great. It was just wonderful to see nothing but ferns and trees for so long, soothing even...

So it's only natural that I come back to disaster, the Steam Pipe update to be exact. See, while I was off connecting with nature, Valve decided to update all their games; breaking tons of mods and custom content in the process. I'm not even surprised anymore. I've just come to accept that I'm not allowed to have nice things and any web service I use is past due for an ugly, hard to use overhaul. In the meantime, Source SDK was broken and won't load Hammer, meaning I can't work on maps. So far there's been no reason to think they'll address this little problem. But hey, at least we get trading cards now. Virtual trading cards. With no readily discernible purpose other than breaking my games and and turning my Steam profile into some horrible lovechild of the Fischer-Price corporation and a tax return form.

In any case, someone found a way to get Hammer working until those office-goblins sort things out. Not that I'm particularly inclined to work on any maps right now, why should I when they'll probably all be broken next year?

See, this guy gets it. This update reeks.

Whatever. While this mess gets cleaned up I'll be fondly looking back on this trip, thinking back to the purple flowers and the dense fog that rolled in from ocean. There were several days when I would stop at the cliff face along the coast trail and just stand there, letting the wind blow past me. I didn't want to leave at all. If I could, I think I would really like to live in a rural environment like that, with trees in every direction, moss and ferns completely surrounding my little cottage.

Or a cave. I would be perfectly okay with living in the depths of the Earth like some kind of salamander.


The Last Train Rider said...

Whoops, I could have sworn you were asking for a way to open Hammer.exe, my mistake.
Valve are also trying to phase the old SDK in favor of a new way more simular to L4D2 and Portal 2:

Also: Maps appear to not be broken, as shown but the stupid amount of reuploads on the GMOD Workshop. Half Life 2 content is pretty standard for stuff like Gmod, meaning I can run Zombie Master maps from '07 and only get errors from the content that the game exclusively has.

Shadgrimgrvy said...

Well shoot, I had no idea they were planning to do that. I don't think I really like that plan.

In any case I was probably being a little dramatic when I said my maps would probably be broken. But hey, all things considered it's not that hard to believe.

Morris169 said...

So, you prefer the classic version of the Source SDK? Understandable. Like they say, Don't fix what ain't broke.

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