Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Second Empire, First Post About Kentucky Bluegrass

First thing's first. I hate the new Blogger editor layout, but I've already complained about that.

But besides that? Well I've just found a very...interesting comic while perusing around TVTropes.

It's called Second Empire; the story of a renegade Dalek's struggle against a decadent and ineffectual regime and it's mission to create it's own empire. One of the first things one notices when reading is that there absolutely no mention of the Doctor for the first two hundred pages (at least). Try to picture that, 100%, nonstop Dalek action. Daleks on every single page.

It's all made with CGI. Normally I would scoff at something like that but it works the look very well.

It's only fair to warn you: these Daleks are very different from their T.V. counterparts. It's actually kind of jarring. Each of them had much more of an individual personality than usual and has honest-to-goodness emotions besides hate. It's like they think they're people or something. Plus, in spite of being about homicidal aliens there's innumerable little comedy bits sprinkled throughout.

It's about nothing but Daleks without being too dark yet still has a compelling story and action scenes. I'm giving Second Empire a nine out of ten; If you liked the TV21 comics this will be equally appealing. Give it a look-see.

Speaking of the TV21 comics, I found a gallery that's compiled every single one of them in a convenient package. Like Second Empire it's all about the Daleks being sneaky and evil without any interference from obnoxious men in blue time machines.

Aaaaand that's all for now. Nothing else is going on unless you count Obtuse Goose being a whiny little girl and demanding I make a blog post about how much I hate him. Because apparently, I don't get to decide when I hate something enough to make a post about it anymore. Well you know what? Fine. I'll have you know that he's let Borderlands 2 completely take over his life and he's that much less of a man for it.

All the weapons are randomly generated and it's all cel-shaded like some kind of dumb baby game. So not only are you constantly reminded that you're playing something made by Fischer-Price or some other dumb baby company, but you, as the player, are completely stripped of control over what kind of weapons you have.

What's that? You have, like, a shotgun with a sniper scope on it? Too bad, you're stuck with it until the random number gods decide to give you something less ridiculous.

Plus, he listens to Kentucky Bluegrass because, according to some tortured logic and a quadratic formula he made is equal to classic metal. In what exactly? I don't know, he hasn't told me.

I just don't understand. I don't understand.

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