Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Dalek That Time Forgot

 I know I've complained about the New Paradigm Daleks extensively, some might say incessantly, but this fan-made animation cannot be ignored:

Look at that. That is professional work. And there's even a second part!

See that? Those were old Daleks, as in from the 60's. You can't get more retro then that. As soon as I find out about a part three I'm putting it on here. This is a great series and I'm actually really excited to see how it ends. I've often told Idontknow and Ramzca that if they ever made a show just about the Daleks I would watch it endlessly. Well it seems my wish has finally come true! That never happens!

Those voices are spot on, I could listen to those all day. Everyday.


Anonymous said...

part three is out now...

Shadgrimgrvy said...

No it isn't you goon.

Lee Adams said...

Parts three and four are out

Lee Adams said...

oh and thanks for showing and enjoying my work :)

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