Tuesday, February 14, 2012


If there's one thing I hate, it's change. Especially unnecessary changes that don't improve anything. I've suffered the lion's share of pointless changes in my life, from the merger of TechTV and G4 to updated channel designs on Youtube and here on Blogger. Because of this, I have actively tried to eradicate change from my life until nothing remains but my own singular consciousness, totally immune to any outside influence. I've told Idontknow about my plans but unfortunately he doesn't see the appeal in becoming an invulnerable energy-being. Oh well, I think we all know who'll have the last laugh when I survive the Universal Heat Death.

Sadly, my efforts to exterminate progress have met less than successful results. G4 is still an awful spout of miasma and Youtube is becoming more and more sterile and impersonal with every passing day, saying nothing of the unfathomable stupidity of it's commentators. Plus, as far as I can tell the outside world is still a thing that exists so that's terrible too.

I've had a few minor successes in creating my own personal bubble though. As I said, Blogger's been updating their editor. The comments on my blog have been acting, for lack of a better word, wonkey and everything felt slower.

Naturally, this will not do.

To make a long heartache short, I spent the last hour and a half fiddling with different settings to get everything ship-shape again, even considering using a new template for better compatibility. This would have the effect of making the blog look slightly different. Naturally, this would not do. So I did what had to be done, I sifted through some of my oldest folders and found a dusty old XML file, the oldest surviving template I had. With only minor tinkering it worked and the editor survived apparently unscathed. Why did I do this? Because I hate changes in my life and I will not stop until every uncontrolled variable has been exterminated.

Oh, I just remembered, today is Valentine's Day. Well too bad! I hate love too!


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