Friday, December 9, 2011

Critical Mass

Map production took a turn for the slightly weird these past couple days; the oft-mentioned entdata section of the compile log? It is filled to 107.9% capacity.

As I've said before, entdata is the amount of stuff Hammer can account for when compiling the map into the .bsp format. It includes all the brushes (blocks that make up the map's geometry), props, weapons, NPCs, basically everything. And we've filled that capacity to over 100%. Again.

As you'll remember, the reason Insomnia ever actually came to an end was because it's entdata was well over 120% and it simply stopped compiling altogether. Thankfully, Hypnophobia is still below the threshold of what I'm now calling "critical mass" and there's still (hopefully) enough room to add what few vital entities are left; basically cubemaps, some more NPC's and some other fun little bells and whistles.

So yes, whereas before I was hesitant to say it, I am now convinced that this map will be done by the end of the December. There will be rejoicing and dancing and much merriment.

This is it ladies and gentlemen, the end of The Paranoia Trilogy is closing in on us.


Chanel said...

But.. I don't want it to end :(

Morris169 said...

I hope to get a 1920x1080 screen by the time the map is released, so I can see it in pure beauty.

Shadgrimgrvy said...

HD with all the trimmin's.

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