Monday, June 13, 2011

The Scoop

Good news everyone! I'll be gone for the next five days on a camping trip, so you won't have any of my precious blog posts for practically a week. I know this upsets you all so much, especially now that we've reached a grand total of three posts this month, truly a milestone in posting frequency.

Either way, don't be upset anonymous, silent readers because the good news is this...

...the very early planning for a certain map called Hypnophobia has begun.

While I'm gone there's just a few rules:
  • No wild parties.
  • Don't do drugs.
  • Don't summon any forgotten gods from the dank underdark of caverns within the Earth.
  • Don't invite Daleks over.
  • Feed the Triffids.
  • Don't go wandering off in some creepy hallways and get lost in a nightmare-city.
  • Heino is always watching.



Chanel said...


mom said...

I hate that I never get away with ANYTHING.
miss you

Shadgrimgrvy said...

It's ok, let's do lunch.

mom said...


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