Friday, June 10, 2011

Battle of the Gods

I would really really like to know why simple videos like this are so hard for me to make. It should be easy shouldn't it? It's just a minute of footage.

Well I'm starting to realize that I'm not the problem here, it's the people I'm forced to work with. Yeah, if she's reading this she knows what she did. I'm talking about my awful awful (Just dreadful) sister.

"Tyyyyleeeer! I want to make a video! D:" She kept saying last night.

"No! I'm playing chess against myself!" I said.

She scampered into the room, slightly confused. Then she saw it: me, with a giant PHX chess board in Garry's Mod with Daleks strewn all over the map. I was having a surprisingly heated battle against myself. I had just moved the white queen into position to take the black king but I forgot that I left a black night in the perfect spot to retaliate.

"Tyler, that's so sad! D:" She said as she made some imitation of the "Forever Alone" face.

I knew the point she was trying to make but it was futile, I was having a grand time. Besides, there was obviously no other way I could have a true battle of wits seeing as she was the only other person there. Either way, we decided to try and start a server to try and have a proper game of chess.

I was cringing the whole time, hoping it wouldn't work. The scenario played out a dozen times a second in my mind, I envisioned a great flame. I started to have flashbacks to when I made videos with Idontknow and how we eventually had to defend ourselves from Gary Busey by smashing all the windows.

So before I could even spawn the board we were having a gun battle.

And then we fought in real life, I have no shame in telling you I was behaving in an extremely childish manner. It was the only way I could defend myself.

At least nothing was set on fire.


mom said...

you better not have hit a girl TYLER.

Shadgrimgrvy said...

She's not a girl Mother, SHE'S A MONSTER.

Chanel said...


mom said...

I WILL go back there and hit you both!

Shadgrimgrvy said...


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