Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Deer and a Horrifying Vision of the Future

Ah yes, camping. The more I look back on it I yearn once again to see the proud cedars and oaks, to hear the gentle wind snake down the valley, to see wild turkeys lead a silent parade through the fields in the wee hours of the morning. But I do not miss the cold; the bitter, frigid cold that threatened me at all hours of the day and night, the cold that made my moustache quiver and my fingers freeze in place so I have no idea whether I have arthritis or some awful paralyzing disease.

See? I told you, that deer was charging straight for me, I hazard to guess that the only reason it fled was because it saw my moustache and immediately realized that is was a man it headed towards.

As for that science-fiction I wrote, it's all fragments of much larger stories so I think some explaining is in order: The year is 2099, mankind has colonized other planets and moons including Mars, Europa, Titan and even Mercury. All the interplanetary trade and politics is regulated by one organization: The IASA (International AeroSpace Administration). The IASA, in addition to many other independent space agencies and corporations are slowly taming the Final Frontier as mankind is headed towards a golden age of science and exploration.

The catch? Killer robots from Mercury. An uprising from sabotaged artificial intelligences has made Mercury even more inhospitable then it already was and now the so-called Killbots are waging a war against the Human race.

Our story begins on Titan, where an unassuming colony is receiving visitors of the hostile kind...

Henry's heart pounded as he loaded a fresh clip into his gun. The readout went from 00 to 45 as the ammunition clicked.
"This is it." He said. His knees knocked together and his sweat ran cold as the sound of machinery came down the hallway. Through the thick yellow haze of the leaking atmosphere he could see the dark monolithic form slowly moving towards him.

"Ready...now!" Both engineers turned and opened fire as the hallway exploded with the sound of tearing metal.


Henry was emptying every last bullet into the shining metal machine.


"RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!" The Killbot screamed as sparks flew.


Zero. Both guns clicked empty, the Killbot and the wall behind it were pock-marked rubble, totally inert. Henry and Debbie breathed heavily through their bulky masks, their goggles fogged. Debbie was still shakily pointing her gun at the broken Killbot.

"I think it's dead." Henry said. "Come on, we've got to get out of here before more come."

They ran. The Killbot however glared at the fleeing Humans with it's glowing red eye. It swiveled it's death-ray to face them and fired. Debbie's suit immediately burst into flame as the beam hit her. She collapsed on the floor, he screams echoing through the radio.

"Keep going!" She choked as her skin boiled. The Killbot fired again and she exploded in her suit.

"CRUSH! KILL! DESTROY!" The Killbot shouted as Henry ran for Sector Q.


So yes, that's what I predict the future to be like. There'll be flying cars, sure. There'll even be world peace and an end to world hunger. But keep this in mind, there will also be Killer Robots and you cannot escape from them, ever.


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