Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Precious Gift Stolen

That's right everyone! Proof it still exists!

Ah yes, I love uploading new videos. What I don't love is the fact that I'm dying. Let me explain, for the past week or so I haven't been sleeping very well. I wake up at weird times in the middle of the night, I have trouble actually falling asleep in the first place no matter what time I actually go to bed and I have a cold now because of it, though, as I'm writing this it seems to be going away BUT STILL!

Last night I went to bed at nine, my throat was sore, my head was in a fuzzy place between awake, asleep and dead and I was exhausted by the various garbage of the week. So I sat there in bed, not doing anything and waiting to fall asleep.

By the time 3:00 AM rolled around I must have passed out from sheer anger, next thing I knew it was 7:30 and I didn't feel any better.

So yes, I have Insomnia, in real life.

I think I'm just not drinking enough Purple Drank before bed.

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Mom said...

ahhhh poor honey bunny. I know the feeling well. im sorry.
now ..stop complaning and get me more purple drank. im thirsty

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