Monday, January 27, 2014

Order In The Next Five Minutes

I still feel bad about making so few posts last year. I don't know why it happened, it just did. So, I've resolved to not repeat that mistake and write plenty more posts this year. It's 2014 and I'm going to buffet you readers with a neverending whirlwind of album covers and nasty international cuisine. And yet I run into the same problems; my original plan for a long, rambling speech on the future of the Half-Life franchise wasn't going anywhere. So instead, here's some videos of guns:

No, I'm serious.

There's a whole channel of this stuff.

Floating around out there is a huge collection of gun videos. And it's set to smooth jazz of all things. Part of me wants to know why these videos exist, but mostly I feel like I don't want to know. I get this awful feeling like I've stumbled upon some black market Internet gun catalog. It's like they want me to buy one of these machine guns and smooth jazz is their way of enticing me. Or maybe these videos were meant for a specific customer, like they were supposed to be encrypted but weren't. And now that I've seen too much this shadowy organization needs to send a hitman after me. That means I'm in danger.

And now that you've seen them that means you're in danger too.

Of course, it may just be footage from some Japanese documentary, but it's so much more entertaining to imagine the worst.


mom said...

Lou DVR's gun programs and watches them while im trying to sleep. Imagine being woken up to gun fire not knowing if its coming from the TV or in real life. :-/

linda said...

I can truthfully say I don't like guns and never have. I would rather read one of your stories or look at your funny album covers. Better yet I would like to see a big bunny or cat. Sorry but guns and me aren't friends.

Shadgrimgrvy said...

Even if it has smooth jazz?

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