Friday, February 4, 2011

Even More AWFUL Album Covers!

Oh album covers! Where would I be without you? Probably somewhere successful...

Flamenco! By Vicente Escudero

Béla Lugosi tried to reinvent himself to get away from his role as Dracula. After his first Flamenco album he stopped trying.

When God Smiled on Ronald Coyne...

...the damage was irreversible.

Music for the Sensational Sixties

They always told Don that there was no controlling the powers he tampered with, that many before him tried to harness the raw power of Jazz. He didn't listen to them. Now, hurtling through space on his demon-engine of of death and sounding the maddening call of the blasphemous horn to let all men know of their inevitable doom Don Elliot couldn't help but wonder if he made the right choice.

Slide Easy In...Disco

You'd be surprised at all the amazing products that come in a convenient can (then there's those products you wish didn't come in cans). Now the very essence of Disco itself comes in a can! Go ahead! Smash some Disco in your manly fist. Spread some on cake, I don't care! Bust open a can of boogie, because Disco never dies!

Jacques Dutronc


The Barry Lee Trio Being Creepy

Honestly you guys, you're not fooling anyone. I don't know what's sadder: the fact that they spend their weekends creeping around Mrs. Cunningham's backyard or that they try and cover it up by saying they're on "safari".

Space Escapade By Les Baxter

Les was a real go-getter. He applied for a job at NASA, the Soviet Space Program and even Star Fleet but was rejected every time. Not letting these early failures get to him, Spaceman Baxter built his own rocket ship. After inventing an ingenious new spacesuit from his mother's exercise suit and fish bowl he was ready to fulfill his destiny and be the first man ever on the planet Femiplex 6.

Beat that Captain Kirk.


"Gentlemen, we please do the photo-shoot some other time..."

"No no, this is going to be great! You're money Jennie, you're so money!"


Halli, Hallo, Wir Fahren By Heino

Heino strikes again! With his 3-D glasses nothing can escape his gaze.


When talking about the worst album covers ever the question is not "Will Joyce show up?" but "When and how often will Joyce show up?".

Just look at her. Look at the way she commands that clown frock, the way she presents the rose so seductively, the subtly of her expression. And that 'FRO!

Joyce is too much woman for me, maybe for any man.

Don & Seymour

Anyone in the business will tell you that Seymour was the real creative genius behind the duo. Sure, Don was the only one with hands and therefore the only one who could play the guitar at shows. But Seymour wrote all the lyrics, he was in the recording studio at the crack of dawn, ready to work. Yet, Don got all the credit and Seymour drifted into obscurity.

Such is show buisness.

Stuffparty 1 By Larz Kristerz

Oh my god.

Forget everything you just read...THIS IS NOW THE LIST OF THE BEST ALBUM COVERS OF ALL TIME!!!


mom said...

you have done it! you found the best of the worst album covers! everyone here is still asleep and im trying to muffle my laughing to not wake anyone up. oh my goodness...pure genius

Chanel said...

Good job lad, you made me laugh so suddenly at his face I choked and swallowed something down my throat. ( I'm scared)

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