Saturday, October 2, 2010


Oh hello everyone, how are you? Good? I hope so.

Everything is fine here, I've gotten over real-life Insomnia and can sleep again (and in turn have nightmares about giant owls again).

HEY! Take a look at this!

This video (and my large collection of books on M.C. Escher) were probably the most important sources of inspiration for Paranoia and to a smaller extent Insomnia.

I have watched this video over and over again and every time it's always the same: totally bizarre. This never gets any less strange or incredible to me and I love it for that. The problem? This map is no where to be found. There is no mention of it except for this one video.

Now, it's been on my favorites for a while now so I decided that since I'm pretty much INTERNET FAMOUS I would try to send a message to the email address seen at the beginning of the video. In my letter I basically said everything that I said here and how much I would love to play this map even if it is incomplete.

I day later I got a response telling me that the copy of the map was lost on a CD somewhere, never to be found again and that the creator may or may not recreate it. Also, he lost inspiration a long time ago.

What the video again and ask yourself how you could loose inspiration when making that.

It's astounding really, that something so professionally surreal could just be abandoned. I can't help but feel a sense of loss when I realize that no one, especially not me, will get to play this map. I'm taking this as a cautionary tale. So remember everyone, don't throw away any piece of art you make, save it.

Unless said work is really really embarrassing, I let it slide if you throw that out.


Jackie said...

I can definitely see sections of this that you took and put into Paranoia. It's too bad thats its lost to time.

Anonymous said...

What game is this from? That map is diabolically delicious. It reminds me somewhat if American McGee's "Alice: Madness Returns".

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