Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Abstract Day!

Happy Abstract Day everybody!

Why is it Abstract Day? Because my first fairly goodish map Abstract Hallways was released one year ago today on We're going to have so much fun here on the first annual Abstract Day, playing abstract games like Pin the Tail on the M.C. Escher or Non-Euclidean Jenga. Later we'll eat the traditional abstract turkey and surreal pamplemousse pie. All the while we'll be watching Abstract Day specials on TV like "How Hunter S. Thompson Saved Abstract Day". Everyone will curl up near the fire (which is green) listening to discarded doors crackle over the open flame and share stories. Then, just before the sun peaks over the horizon over our psychedelic desert home we'll enjoy a chocolate cake shaped like a door.

That or Idontknow will totally not be able to make a working server and everyone will go home.


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