Friday, September 4, 2009

You Know What I'm Excited About? Volume One

You know what I'm excited about this week? Zeppelins. Infact, airships in general are just a great form of travel. They're visually striking, especially when they fly overhead in that slow monolithic way that they do. Slow is also an integral part of the zeppelin experience. Some might say that zeppelins are too slow and that they're inferior to crass barbaric jet engine technology. But zeppelins are slow in a graceful way, taking their time to get to their destination. Zeppelins let the passager take time to look down on the landscape from their lofty lighter-than-air cabin.

Not only do zeppelins have that old-world charm of the turn of the 20th Century but they are so iconic. Consider how many times zeppelins make apperences in Science-Fiction and Fantasy (which as far as I'm concerened are still two very different genres!) especially Steam-Punk. Theres an inate appeal in art-deco, steam powered machines and of course zeppelins. This is why I loved Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge as much as I did, zeppelins in a fantastic setting.

Speaking of which, I never got to see Sky Capitan and the World of Tomorrow for this very reason. You see, when it came out I was but a wee lad and my parents didn't think too highly of zeppelin-centric entertainment. Maybe I'll review it someday if I ever get to see it, or any movie for that matter.

So yeah, this week I'm excited about zeppelins. Tune in next week for another exciting chapter: Sweden.

Also, I made a new video but you already knew that.

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